Crazy Uncle Fred To Burn Qu’ran

Come on, you knew this was coming! Thank you, corporate media!

Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church announced tonight that it plans to burn the Qur’an and an American flag on Sept. 11, though the exact time and location haven’t been determined, a church spokeswoman said.

The burning would occur the same day that a Florida pastor had threatened to burn Qur’ans, which drew condemnation from President Obama, religious leaders and others.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, who announced Westboro Baptist’s plan, said they don’t think that pastor, Terry Jones, will carry out the burning.

Westboro Baptist Church has received international condemnation for its protests at the funerals of gay people and U.S. servicemembers. Church members burned a Qur’an two years ago in Washington, D.C.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Uncle Fred To Burn Qu’ran

  1. Not wanting to defend the loons in this case, both in Kansas and in my state of Florida..

    But, I thought the Left supported to the hilt the idea of burning sacred objects to make a statement or point.

    How is this any different?? How is burning a Koran any different than burning a US Flag or a Christian bible??


  2. I say: let’s buy 500 super soakers and hand them out to folks who oppose the burnings! I like the idea of 500 citizens, pacifistly armed with water guns, heading toward the church, shooting H2O and soaking their whole lame-brained idea.

  3. Cos,

    Awesome idea!!

    And the next time a group has the “lame-brained” idea to go and burn an American Flag, we can use your same awesome idea!! 😀



  4. Above “sin” (Animals, bow down to gods, Human Beings, do not), I’m sorry I heeded the Sheriff’s advice of the time and didn’t go stone the bastard when that wormy pile of dogshit came out here several years ago to “protest” at young Thomas Tucker’s – both an early and The High Desert’s first casualty of Greg Walden and The Republican’s War – funeral.

    I’m confident that if we cap off just a few of these freaks this behavior will go away.

  5. Bears,

    I’m confident that if we cap off just a few of these freaks this behavior will go away.


    Kill a few of the “freaks” so the rest toe the line??

    THAT is your solution???

    Once again, I have to ask….


    Wow… I am… speechless…


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