Dream On

I told my best friend a few weeks ago that I felt “very strongly” her husband should see a cardiologist. (I’d had a dream where I saw him having a heart attack.) She told him, but he laughed it off — he’s as healthy as the proverbial horse.

Until last week, when he collapsed and woke up to his cousin performing CPR. “Dude, I thought you were dead,” he told him. “You weren’t breathing.”

Pure coincidence, of course! Because otherwise, it wouldn’t be logical.

8 thoughts on “Dream On

  1. Being a dogged ‘realist,’ I’m not ready to respond ‘I believe’ to the poll question. But damn, maybe you ought to float your own reality show.

  2. I think those strong feelings must be acted upon. They may “only” be something seen below the range of conscious thought, or they may actually come from Some other sense altogether, or from a peek into another time from the oddities of physics.

  3. Do you think that ability runs in families? If so, which side do you think you got it from? Just curious.

  4. Both sides. My mother’s mother read tea leaves, my father’s father was a card reader and the aunts on my father’s side have the same kind of dreams. By the way, I only found out about the rest of the family a few years ago.

  5. I’m no mindreader but I have a definite feeling the guy is overweight, out of shape and he eats lousy food. His wife may have even mentioned some symptoms to you which had her worried. Is it possible this gave your mind something to dream about?

  6. Actually, no. He’s tall, thin and quite active. They eat very well, from their own garden. And no, there was no discussion about his health.

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