3 thoughts on “The Self-Inflicted Wounds of 9/11

  1. Interesting article..

    But it was clearly written from the outside looking in… I can assure you with complete certainty that the view from the inside is much different.

    Let me ask ya’all something..

    You have two completely different administrations. Politically and philosophically, these two administrations could NOT be further apart.

    Yet, BOTH administrations take the exact same approach to Counter Terrorism.

    Now, if you have two groups that are completely and diametrically opposed in just about everything, agree on the policies and responses that keep this country safe…. Isn’t it possible (or even LIKELY) that said policies and responses are the right way to go???

    Isn’t that even SLIGHTLY possible???


  2. I would disagree that the two administrations are more alike than different.

    Sure, as of late, Democrats are desperately tacking to the Right in an effort to appeal to that oh so important group, the Independents and the NPAs… This is the nature of the beast, insofar as election is concerned..

    But, all things being equal, the only thing that the Obama administration and the Bush administration have in common is the continuation of the Counter Terrorism and National Security policies.

    Which gives credence to the opinion that those policies are the RIGHT (no pun intended… :D) policies to follow..


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