Connect The Tax-Cut Dots

Yes, 30 years of conservative mumbo jumbo convinced our politicians it was more responsible to cut taxes than to maintain public services, which includes things like regulation, infrastructure maintenance, and inspections. In other words, they were playing craps with people’s safety.

And now that the high rollers are throwing snake eyes, officials are starting to see the light:

The California Public Utilities Commission announced Sunday it will order Pacific Gas and Electric to inspect its entire natural gas system. The order is a direct result of the deadly explosion in San Bruno Thursday night that killed at least four people and injured dozens of others.

The ordered inspections came on the same day hundreds of San Bruno residents were allowed back into their homes. In call 315 houses were given the green light to be reoccupied following detailed structural inspections.

It was made to ensure the integrity of PG&E’s natural gas pipeline system, according to a press release from the CPUC. The CPUC is a state agency that covers not just the Bay Area, but the entire state.

CPUC President Michael Peevey said in the Sunday afternoon release he wanted to assure residents that immediate action will be taken. “We will direct PG&E to immediately begin an inspection of its natural gas transmission system, as well as to take other immediate actions to ensure safety and to assist in our investigation,” Peevey said.