NJ Readers – Free Buses to Oct. 2 Rally

Reserve Your Free Seat Today – NJ Buses are filling Up Fast!  Bring Your Family – Bring Your Neighbors – Bring Your Friends!

On Saturday, 10.2.10 hundreds of thousands of Americans from across the country will gather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. for the ONE NATION WORKING TOGETHER RALLY to demonstrate our re-commitment to change.

Let’s put our country back to work and create good jobs for working people!
One Nation Working Together is about reordering our nation’s priorities to invest in our most valuable resource-our people! On October 2nd we will reclaim American themes and traditions – Good Jobs, A Quality and Affordable Public Education, and Equality for All.

There are already over 70 buses leaving from New Jersey and our FREE SEATS ARE GOING FAST!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010,
Lincoln Memorial in Washingto
n, D.C

Buses are leaving from Across the State. CLICK HERE to find a bus location nearest you. .

CLICK HERE to sign up and tell us you will be there!

Join this event on Facebook CLICK HERE and please help us spread the word by sending the event to your entire friends list.

To reserve seats on the bus and/or for more information contact David Hopkins at Grassroots4Change@gmail.com or at 609-868-2733

6 thoughts on “NJ Readers – Free Buses to Oct. 2 Rally

  1. Is this the ‘Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive’ rally by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert???
    Sometimes I so wish I lived in ‘travel-able’ distance to DC…..

  2. Oh, never mind – the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive rally is on October 30th.
    They really should join forces….I’d be awesome!!
    You just KNOW that Jon Stewart is getting the Star Power there, both political and the politically inclined other stars!

  3. Is this a socialist gathering? I heard a lot of socialist parties will be speaking at this gathering is this true?

  4. Ginger, are there are really “a lot of” socialist parties in USA? If there are – please point them out to me b/c I don’t know where. All I hear is tea, coffee and coca cola parties but no socialists – b/c it is a “dirty word”. Real socialists – please stand up. To answer you question: I don’t think it is a “socialist” gathering. It is primarily gathering of the American Unions and then the progressive people. Are they socialists? I don’t know – ask the big expert in “ism” labels – Glen Beck

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