Unemployment Up in 27 States

Maybe it’s time to change the definition of a recession!

As fears of a double-dip recession grows, unemployment in 27 states increased in August, according to a monthly report. The number of states experiencing increases dwarfs the number of states (14) that saw increases in July.

It’s a surprising total, especially considering the unemployment rate moved up only slightly in August. 

According to CNNMoney, Nevada, Michigan and California all saw unemployment rates continue at the highest levels across the country. Nevada boasts the dubious honor of having the highest rate, with 14.4 percent looking for work. That’s up slightly from July when the Silver State had a 14.3 percent unemployment rate.

Thirteen states saw decreases in the number of people without jobs in August, which was an improvement over July. The lowest unemployment rate came from North Dakota, which was an enviable 3.7 percent. South Dakota (4.5 percent) and Nebraska (4.6 percent) also had rates below 5 percent.