The Youth Vote

You know, it’s still a matter of conventional wisdom among the Democratic strategy elite that, since Obama won by pulling in a massive number of youthful voters (more than the 65+ voters for the first time), they have to cater to them — and testing in that age group shows that they don’t like partisanship, and they’re greatly in favor of compromise solutions. (Children of divorce who don’t like yelling?)

Apparently we raised an entire generation of political illiterates. My kids still don’t believe that Social Security is financially sound, because Ron Paul told them so!

So I think that’s what all this depressing, infuriating happy horseshit is about — Obama sucking up to the kids. I don’t think it’ll work, though, especially since their turnout is easily depressed by their current moods. Boomers and seniors are much more reliable voters.

Just sayin’!