Sick Bastards

William Rivers Pitt gets it exactly right about Mike Huckabee and his “house already burned down” remarks:

All of them, every single one of them, are like a house that has already burned down, according to Mike Huckabee and the sick bastards who cheered his comments. All of them, every single one of them, are not worthy of health insurance because they had the misfortune of getting sick before they got insurance. All of them, every single one of them, therefore, are not worthy of health care in any real form, unless, of course, they are wealthy and able to afford the staggering cost of ill health in America.

All of them, in short, every single one of them, can basically just go die in Mike Huckabee’s world. They are not worthy of coverage, treatment or consideration. The five diseases I listed account for well over a third of the American population, and if Mike Huckabee or someone who agrees with him somehow becomes president someday, those millions of people should just dig their own graves and lie down in them.

Yeah, that’s why I’m not polite to these people. My wife has multiple sclerosis, and Mr. Huckabee this weekend compared her to a burned-down house. My wife is a vibrant, active woman who deals with a terrible, terrifying disease that costs upwards of $50,000 a year to treat. Thankfully, my wife was already insured through work when she was diagnosed, but there are many thousands of people out there with MS who have no insurance, or who won’t have insurance when they get diagnosed. If Huckabee has his way, people with pre-existing conditions will be treated as burned-down houses and essentially left to die.

To hear a man who gets treated like a legitimate voice in American politics basically consign my wife and millions of other Americans to suffering and death is to hear nothing more or less than flat-out hate speech from a presidential candidate. What Mike Huckabee suggested is tantamount to eugenics, to the extermination of “weaker” people simply because they are ill.

If this kind of talk isn’t enough to convince Republicans that the fringe of their party is to be avoided at all costs, then nothing in the world will. There have to be at least a few unwell Republicans in the country, right? There have to be some Republicans with heart trouble, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s or MS, right? If so, those people had better start digging that grave for themselves, especially if they are stupid enough to support Mike Huckabee or anyone else who agrees with him.

Be polite to these people if that’s your nature. It is not in mine, especially after the display this past weekend. These people are the sick ones, the ones with pre-existing conditions, and they should be barred from holding public office by the voters because of it. They are all sick bastards, and I have no interest in being nice about it. Do you know anyone with heart trouble, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, or some other illness like these? Maybe Alzheimer’s? If so, you shouldn’t be nice, either. Someday, it may be you on the wrong end of such a diagnosis, and if people like Huckabee and his ilk have their way, dig a grave and lie down in it. You’re a burned-down house, and your country has no use for you.

8 thoughts on “Sick Bastards

  1. I’ve been philosophizing a bit ‘ore what we – you and I and so many others – have been going through, the changes wrought in our lives and in our minds and the thought occurs that while it is undoubtedly true that I am not without a friend in this world, this world no longer has a friend in me.

    I’m hungry and cold, I don’t care anymore.

  2. There’s a reckoning coming to these people who’ve never been right about anything.
    A hard rain gonna fall…

  3. Campaign slogans? Republicans have no use for you. If you’re poor and get sick Republicans want you to just shut up, dig your grave and lie down in it. Republican policy: exterminate the weak

  4. I wonder if the dramatic obesity that runs in the Huckaby klan is considered a disease, or a pre-existing condition.

  5. Damn — a baby born with a disease should now, what, be put out on a hillside somewhere to die? Wow.

    There are certain people who claim to be Christians but who really hate what Christ taught.

    Huckabee usually is able to mask his cruelty so much better….

    But, then, Obama would rather keep Big Health Insurers in high profits than provide universal CARE…. And he’s willing to leave people uninsured for years or force people to buy low coverage, but high cost insurance, meaning thousands will die. Huckabee is just more openly callous.

  6. Actually the comparison is accurate – as far as “insurance” goes. Insurance is for situations involving future events that probably won’t happen.

    The truth to be found out here is that the concept of insurance does not apply to people’s health. The Buddhist says, “I am of the nature to have ill health. I cannot escape ill-health.” We should think it as a question of how our society wants to pay the cost of treating people’s injuries and illnesses.

    Insurance is for fires, sinking ships, car wrecks and premature death. Insurance is not for health care. “Health Care Reform” made its mistake from the first step in deciding to include insurance as part of its plan.

    The only approaches are to: (1) help people not to be injured or get sick and (2) help them to pay for treatment either by lowering its cost or giving them money to help pay for it.

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