3 thoughts on “Green tech

  1. Solar energy is a fraud. Yeah, let’s power civilization on a weather dependent resource.

    Nuclear + Natural Gas peakers, with just enough wind and solar to make the hippies stfu.

  2. Yeah, sure, Jimmy Dean, I think we should not use an abundant, if at times clouded over, energy source. (Do you get notices whenever solar is posted about? So you can drop in to kvetch?)

    Unless there’s no more oil?

    Now, we can also get a glow from nuke materials. That will not be a healthy glow, of course.

    What we should be doing is outfitting every available roof space in the nation with solar panels. A scientist on WNYC a few years ago said that even with the efficiency level of existing solar panels AND the NYC weather patterns, using NYC roof spaces for solar generated electricity would supply all needed electricity for the city and well out into the surrounding area.

    But that would have to be a national program, requiring leadership and willingness to spend the money to lessen our use of carbon based fuels. Which the Big Energy corporations do not want — until they’ve gouged the public and there is little oil left, etc.

    But has our DINO prez even discussed something like this? He can’t even get a program to paint blacktop roofs white in effect! Middling milquetoast – not bold and effective.

    And the post Susie linked to shows one reason we’re not getting these programs.

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