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  1. I just wrote a little note to my congresscritter, Rep. Up for Reelection, and let him know I am done with the democratic leadership and that my vote in November will reflect that. Since I’d rather my gonads burst into flame than vote republickan, I’ll be happily using the write-in option.

  2. Because “the base” is a slender minority that no one agrees with. Face it, you only won the election because of a confluence of factors completely unrelated to your crypto-fascist/communist progressive garbage. Nobody buys that crap anymore. And it certainly doesn’t win elections. If it did, then that fruitcake Kucinich would be president today, serving his second term.

    That’s why they keep banging you trolls under the bleachers. If everyone knew – and thanks to Beck people are finding out – where Obama’s been getting his pork, he won’t last long.

  3. Brian,
    Ditto for your die-hard Dubya 25 percenters.
    Guess that leaves everyone screwed, doesn’t it?
    Everybody gets screwed and nobody goes to the prom.
    Brian, keep listening to the rich white guys, since they really care about you. They really, really do.
    Just keep repeating that to yourself.

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