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  1. my god, what a dickhead. i love the bit about how rightwing bloggers are so independent of their party while liberal bloggers supposedly are not (it looks like he never read this blog, or most lefty sites, for that matter), but i really love the update at the end when he compares his hit numbers to yours! what is he, 12 years old?

  2. My, what a kerfluffle the unctuating wingtards can ooze.
    That’s one ugly man. Er tranny. Er whatevah. Ugly jacket, too.

  3. UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS! Conservatives are “…not so willing to shovel shit for politicians.” (!!!) He uses Erickson as an example?

    And he says it with such conviction and tone deafness to irony… But notice the foundations for his argument: Lefty women are all ugly! (Translation: You don’t know your place, you unfuckable, too smart upstarts.) It’s the “Al Gore is fat!” meme again. And the Bozo parades his cluelessness as real knowledge. What was it Jung said about people accusing others of that which they most fear in themselves?

    Notice too, how Susie’s sexual metaphor (“under the bleachers”) got the goat of conservative bloggers? Yeah, this guy is a sexual fascist (he worships hierarchy, especially patriarchy), but I bet we will hear from the Althouses, Malkins, and Coulters again about how leftist men are pansies and leftist women are unfuckable. It’s conservatives greatest insecurity. It hits ’em where they hurt.

  4. Reading several pages further into his blog, this Robert Stacy MCain has got a real woman problem. He is fixated on appearance, feminine passivity and hotness. It’s not just one post, it’s all through his blog. This guy is diagnosable.

  5. I can’t be sure what took a toll on his face. Meth addiction, or God’s payback for being a racist prick.

  6. Below are some links to a hilarious 2002 debate between Stacy McCain and Rose on her old Fringefolk website. McCain worked for Sun Myung Moon at the WT for years, helping the conservative’s messiah move our political system to the right – while the paper also supplied Moon with face overseas and his organization and its friends with intelligence. (see the panel on Moon media for some of that http://tinyurl.com/lq7vqg )

    Anyway, while there were anti war protests in 2002 McCain was on a “commie” hunt. Rose’s thorns tore into him asking why he takes Moonie welfare given that Moon was helping North Korea with its cash flow problems (which the Moon movement continues to do). Rose also asked how he could work for a man who claimed he was the messiah, given that McCain was supposed to be a Christian. (Moon claims that even though Jesus knew the job He was supposed to complete, He failed. Moon says Jesus now serves his dead son, Heung Jin, in the afterlife.)

    Rose v. Stacy McCain in three parts from webarchive:




  7. Robert Stacy McCain is a known white supremacist, Charles Johnson at LittleGreenFootballs has been all over the story for the past 2 years or more.

  8. That guy’s got a lot of nerve talking about anyone’s appearance. He looks like the ass end of one of Nick Nolte’s drinking jags…

  9. Wonder where his lips are?

    On the tip of every Neo-Con’s dick in D.C.
    Take it from someone who knows.

  10. Boy, great example of if I can”t fight with facts, I will win with insults-bet, Mr Doozy still has plently of free time on weekends to blog, as the conservative goddesses he holds in esteem are too busy looking for attention for themselves to indulge in human interaction.

  11. One thing’s for sure, that guy’s never been under the bleachers with anybody and he’s spent his whole life over-compensating for it…

  12. So, in all this ad hominem, is ther any message you would like to disseminate other than you’re name-calling pussies?

  13. Susie, I don’t see eye to eye with you on politics at all…..but I do think you are hot. That is all.

  14. I see they are still unable to get over the fact that liberal women would not fuck them in college.

    BTW: I’ve never in my life seen an attractive man gratuitously insult the appearance of a woman. I wonder what causes that.

  15. A newcomer, found you via Memeorandum-

    What is interesting about the right wing, is that they are at war with deeper things than merely liberal policies; they are at war with the foundations of modernity. Things like egalitarianism and civil society are hateful to them, which is why they embrace social Darwinism- for them it all comes down to power and coercion.

  16. Incidentally, does his defination of pulchritude cover elder statewomen like Phyllis Schflafly, or does he only go for the younger models?

  17. Wow, reading those comments confirmed EVERY SINGLE ONE of the negative stereotypes I wish I didn’t have about the rightwingtards! Ugh, I have to go take a shower now!

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