10 thoughts on “The deal

  1. First of all, fuck the wingnuts and Freepi and angry commenters out to PROVE they’re not hateful by calling any woman they disagree with an ugly whore. I love how that’s their go-to place every time.

    Second, THANK YOU for pointing out that the language on your average political campaign makes the likes of me look genteel. They use the word fuck as a comma and then want to disqualify people from speaking because there was a naughty word in the room! OOoh.

    God, I keep waiting for my fellow grown-ups to act like it, and not so much.


  2. Just a kerfluffle.
    In re: Hippie punching.
    These netroots — specifically MINE — don’t respond to Obama democrat calls for money anymore. So solly. Go bilk someone else. Game over.

  3. Oh, I was wondering whether your this site was getting hammered — or whether they might be satisfied with flooding C&L.

    Take care, take many deep breaths, and remember that you are a grreat writer, fantastic finder of interesting and important posts, and that, damn, I wish I could be as good as you!

  4. Don’t let ’em get to you, kid. I’ve seen more accolades out there this morning than detractors, and the detractors are trolls we all are all to familiar with. You did good, you did right, regardless that The Republicans are naught but Corporate Whores and Democrats simply their Pimps, and come November, I intend to write in Mickey Mouse for every position – from dog-catcher to senator.

  5. susie: Infamy?

    Nah. You took a shot, took some back, life goes on.

    Some say that one is measured by the size of one’s enemies. You just got bigger.

    You midwifed “hippie-punching” into the national vocabulary. Thanks. No one can take that away from you.

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