I thought we already settled this under Bush: Only liberals are forbidden to endorse political candidates from the pulpit! Geeze.

Hint to the rev quoted in the article: Your right to speak freely is a totally different matter than your church’s IRS status. No one took your right to speech away. You can talk all you want — but now you have to pay taxes for your church.

One thought on “Harumph

  1. I was watching MSNBC and they had some right wing blond speaking about the incident where a Sharon Angle fan punched a woman who supported Harry Reid in the face. She put all the blame on Reids supporters because they would not sit quietly and behave. She actually called them “rude little pigs”. Seconds later, when she was asked about the screaming morons at the town hall meeting she said “but that’s just exercising your right to free speech”.

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