The state of the mid-terms

Peter Daou blames bloggers, Jerome Armstrong points out that Obama’s not doing a very good job of motivating, Melissa McEwan says young voters aren’t indifferent, they feel betrayed, Athenae tells us that when Obama finds himself in a hole, he keeps digging, Duncan points out that mass unemployment isn’t the way to motivate people, Project Vote writes about the real forgotten base (and no, it’s not white Tea Partiers), and wouldn’t you know it, Philadelphia’s under a tornado watch today.

4 thoughts on “The state of the mid-terms

  1. i’ll visit the rest of the links shortly, but I think you misidentify the thrust of Daou’s piece. The title is misleading: daou argues that it’s not so much that a handful of liberal bloggers are “taking down” Obama, it’s that if Obama was governing the way he campaigned, he wouldn’t be having trouble with that handful. here’s a repesentative sample from Daou’s piece:

    From gay rights to executive power to war to the environment, the left increasingly believes the Obama White House lacks the moral courage to undo Bush’s radicalism. If anything, the Aulaqi case is an indication Obama will go further than Bush to “prove” his strength.

    When the Obama administration appeared to collude with BP to bury the Gulf spill, squandering a historic opportunity to reverse the anti-green tide, it was a moment of truth for environmentalists. Now, it is dawning on some Americans that Bush wasn’t an aberration and that a Democratic administration will also treat fundamental rights as a mere nuisance. It truly is a new (un)reality:

    and Daou goes on to defend what these bloggers are doing, essentially saying Obama’s getting what he deserves from the left.

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