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  1. You know Suzie, if we on the left can’t have anything (not everything, anything) we want after achieving the White House, a large majority in the House, and sixty seats in the Senate, why should the political opposition get anything (and I mean anything) with less?

    How is it that anyone is seriously considering the idea of keeping Bush’s vastly unpopular and unfair tax cuts for the rich? Why is it that Liberals are on the defensive on that one? Or on net neutrality? Or on anything? If Republicans pick up one or two seats in the senate, why is it that we’ll have a Republican legislative agenda at a time when we have a Democratic majority? Why does no Democrat threaten to filibuster every single piece of Republican-proposed legislation, Republican-offered judicial nominations, and Republican-favored anything anywhere all the time and in perpetuity?

    Who will stand up for Us? Who will frustrate the Republicans with actual, effective opposition? Who will push them to the ledge, and then topple them over? Who will do that? All it takes is one senator apparently. Which one is it on our side? Is there nobody, no one, not one person willing to bring the conservative agenda in Washington to a screeching halt? Is there no one?

  2. At the risk of pissing everyone off here….. Well, that’s never stopped me before… 😀

    Warning… It’s going to be a long post…

    I ask for a little introspection here with regards to Jay’s post..

    Why is it that, when push comes to shove, it seems to be always the Republican agenda that is served?

    Let me answer that in the form of an analogy.

    I believe in my heart that A, B and C are worthy actions and should be done. I believe that A, B and C would set this country on track and make the USA the shining beacon of justice and peace in the world.

    I start up a movement and get millions of people fired up that A, B and C are the living end. This group selects candidates for office, candidates that are as fired up over A, B and C as anyone else is. These candidates live, love and pray A, B and C every day of their lives.

    In a wondrous achievement, these ABC candidates are elected to office with such a majority that A, B and C are destined to become the law of the land..

    But something happens on the way to Washington. Our beloved ABC candidates somehow change. The graft and corruption of DC changes our candidates and they become nothing but corporate stooges. Oh sure, they will give lip service to A, B and C… But when it comes down to brass tacks, they don’t do diddley squat about it..

    Our ABC movement perseveres.. Two years later we vote those scumbags out and vote in new ABC candidates… These candidates are even more committed then the previous ones. Our ABC movement is in heaven, FINALLY to have our ABC agenda within our grasp. We have our ABC majority and nothing can stop us now!!

    What is this?? Now our new ABC candidates won’t take our calls. When we do track them down at their offices and their rallies they give us mealy mouth excuses… “It’s not the right time for A, B and C.”… “I have to look at the country as a whole and do what’s best for all Americans.”… and other inane excuses like that…

    Well, we’re pissed.. But undeterred.. We know in our hearts that A, B and C are the ONLY way this country can survive and flourish.. So, we rev up our campaign machine and we are successful beyond out wildest dreams!!

    We have an ABC president!! ABC has a lock on ALL aspects of government!! The ABC Party has a SUPER-Majority in Congress, the likes that have never been seen in the history of this country!
    “It is OUR time!!!”, we exclaim!!!

    But, alas history repeats itself. In-fighting drags us down. The slight opposition becomes a total roadblock. And, when the rubber meets the road, our ABC President and our ABC Senators and our ABC Representatives just don’t seem to believe in A, B and C anymore…

    The ABC movement is stunned. It seems like we have people who are as fired up over our ABC agenda as we are.. And yet, every time we send those people to Washington, all of the sudden, they are not fired up anymore.. Not only are they NOT fired up, but they appear to not even believe in the ABC concept at all…

    And this is where progressives in the here and now find themselves.. Time after time their agenda holds such promise, but when it comes time to make the difference, the representatives fall way way short…

    Now, here comes the introspection part.

    Look at all the evidence in front of ya’all. Step outside of yourselves, outside of the progressive agenda and take a cold hard and, above all else, objective look at the evidence.

    Is it even slightly possible that the problem isn’t the candidates.

    Isn’t it possible that the problem is the agenda itself?? That perhaps the agenda is incompatible with our government and our way of life??

    I know, I know… Asking progressives to question their agenda is like pointing out all the fallacies and fiction of the bible and trying to convince a christian that god doesn’t exist.

    But, given all of the available evidence, it is clear that such a conclusion must at least be considered. At least, if one wants to be logical and rational about things..

    Just food for thought..

    Let all of the attacks and name-calling begin.. 😀 But, please.. At least TRY and be accurate and know the definitions of the names I will be called.. Eh?? 😀


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