9 thoughts on “Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan

  1. I’ve really sat up and taken notice of this lately. I’m glad Rachel has too.

    There’s nothing in the world like kicking someone when they’re down. I think some dumbass has underestimated Pakistan and OVERestimated their own God-forsaken intelligence.

    There’s a nice play on words!

  2. there is one leeeeeeeetle difference between now and then. Pakistan has nuclear bombs. right now. today. so far as I know they do not have ICBM’s, but they could certainly get them.

  3. You know. The ones where the men rape the women when they go to take a PEE at night?

    Sorry. I get emotional.

  4. Actually THEY are not bluffing.

    The U.S. thinks it knows something that it doesn’t.

    (Hello LIST!)

  5. When the US under BushBoy first began using drones to kill inside Pakistan, I wondered if anyone had learned anything from the Cambodia invasion.

    When Obama massively escalated the drone attacks and hot pursuits, I wondered if he even thought about Cambodia.

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