Cleaning Soap World

I was trolling my archives, and this April 2004 post made me chuckle. I don’t watch them now (although I did when I wrote this), but I’ve never been defensive about it. What the hell, they’re fun!


Via Jo at Democratic Veteran:

So now the FCC wants to clean up the soap operas. I can tell you this: This is the third rail of pop culture.

These morons have no idea what they’re fucking with.

Soap fans have little in common except their love for this bizarre alternate universe, in which anything can (and usually does) happen. People rise from the dead, babies get switched at birth and 65-year-old women play 35-year-old tycoons. Everyone over 40 has a bad facelift and the wardrobes are (to use the preznit’s favorite adjective) “fabulous!”

In other words, not at all like real life. That’s why we like it. We like the predictability of its unpredictability. We laugh at how easily women “lose” babies, the way they inevitably get trapped in a remote mountain cabin when it’s time to give birth. We love how true love is thwarted by misunderstanding but wins out in the end.

Come to think of it, my life is actually a little stranger than soaps. Oh well. Their wardrobes are better.

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