6 thoughts on “Privacy

  1. Don’t take it personally, I do too, even if I show up in a suit and a buzz cut… It’s simply the stupid LAW….

  2. In NJ our nasal decongestant pills with epinephrine are behind the druggist’s counter. So far, I haven’t had to show a driver’s license. But…who knows?

    Out in WI, when I had a bad cough, I had to show my driver’s license in order to purchase what has always been OTC cough medicine. Grey hair and wrinkles did not serve to prevent being “carded.” I don’t get carded in bars….

    Just for plain old Target version of Robitussin DM.

  3. Yeah, I’ve tried the newer OTC drugs but they don’t work as well for me (and apparently a number of people) as the stuff they watch more closely these days. It’s a pita to get them now.

  4. hurrump. My bank refused to let me make a withdrawal since my driver’s license (photo ID) had expired roughly six weeks earlier. Good news since I was not aware of the expiration and got it renewed ASAP. Bank policy would not allow withdrawal from a teller, but as my debit card was activated, I could use atm. Do not understand the effectiveness of this policy then or now. Never had to swipe a drivers id to pick up my parents’ prescriptions so far, and we have been trying to convince both to give up driving. This does not bode well

  5. apparently I look just like the guy on “Breaking Bad.”

    Don’t feel bad — so does the wacky dad from “Malcolm in the Middle.”

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