Sweet Virginia

Let’s see: She went to a third-tier law school, worked as a lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce, got a job at the Department of Labor where she argued that women should not be paid the same for comparable work and against the Family Medical Leave Act, then married a Supreme Court justice. She was the person who handled all incoming resumes for the new administration (coincidentally, BushCo hires were famous for placing political theology over competence) – while her husband was deciding the case that selected Bush as president. (She saw no conflict there.)

She’s an anti-cult activist who works for the Heritage Foundation.

Now she’s running a new wingnut group devoted to opposing the “tyranny” of President Obama, which took over a half-million bucks from undisclosed donors.

What possible appearance of bias or conflict could there be?

I’ve said this before: They’re going to have to figure something out to prevent questionable activities by spouses that an elected or appointed official couldn’t do themselves, maybe pay them a salary during their spouse’s term of service. It’s certainly not fair to the spouses who’ve developed their own careers, but sometimes public service calls for real sacrifice.

And no, it’s not just Republicans.