Back to the Hellmouth

I made an appointment with a new massage therapist who’s right in the neighborhood – or so I thought.

“Oh no, I don’t work out of my home anymore,” she told me. “I see clients in a different location.” She started to give me directions which sounded very, very familiar.

Not only is her studio in the Hellmouth (where I used to live — long story if you don’t already know it), it’s on the street where I used to live (in a 150-year-old tavern/whorehouse). In fact, the building used to belong to my then-landlord, who owned the entire waterfront block. His house was built in 1697, and I was always dying to see the inside.

Today I finally got my chance. It has an indoor koi pond, a hot tub, a creekside pool house and a bunch of other cool stuff. Now it’s a bed & breakfast that people can also rent out for weddings and parties.

Something unexpected crossed off the bucket list!

5 thoughts on “Back to the Hellmouth

  1. It’s from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Sunnydale, a pleasant Southern California suburb, was built over the Hellmouth, where all the demons of hell lived. All kinds of bizarre things would happen, yet Sunnydale residents never even noticed.

  2. Why, I have to visit L L Bean’s flagship store in Maine if I want to see an indoor fish pond-and they’re merely trout!

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