When pigs fly

I was just talking to my friend in D.C. about the federal judge issuing an injunction against the feds ordering them not to enforce DADT.

“You think they’ll appeal it?” he said.

“If the deadline for appeal is before the election, yeah, of course they will,” I said. “Because instead of actually standing up for anything approaching Democratic values, their entire reelection strategy is built around convincing people they’re really Republicans.

“They’ll make a few populist noises, but they’re not going to do anything that would rock that boat before the election.”

And that’s why they came out against a national moratorium on mortgage foreclosure. They’re terrified the whole thing will blow up before the election.

If only they’d acted like principled Democrats all along, instead of neoliberal technocrats. We wouldn’t be in such a bad predicament right now.

And if pigs had wings, they could fly.

6 thoughts on “When pigs fly

  1. I wasn’t an Obama fan to begin with, but this whole running away from the foreclosure fraud blows my mind. Can they really be anti-home ownership? How is home ownership supposed to be encouraged when people buying a home can’t be sure someone won’t file a lawsuit a year from now claiming they’re the actual owners of the property?

    The housing market is totally nuked, and it goes on and on and on. Just like the Bush Administration, no one seems willing to step in and stop a crisis.

  2. If the deadline for appeal is before the election, yeah, of course they will

    it’s not. i believe they have 60 days.

    not that that assures that they won’t appeal. in fact, i suspect they will anyway. the obama administration seems to appeal all its decisions, taking the position that the executive’s job is to defend the enforcement of every law on the books (which wouldn’t be a bad policy, if the republicans ever followed it)

  3. I was really stunned that the Administration came out against the moratorium. I thought they would at least just keep quiet till they were sure which way the wind was blowing. Then again…
    And of course the Administration will appeal. I’m surprised they haven’t already.

  4. We bought our house out of foreclosure. If the previous owner wated to make a fuss about the title, that would be very interesting. I wonder if the title insurance company would be legally liable if the whole thing blew up.

  5. If they insured you, they’re on the hook. The problem right now is that some of them are refusing to write title insurance.

  6. Izquierdo, yes, it would if it did not warn you. But it would then go after the servicer and ultimately the banksters involved in the slice and dice or wrong paperwork. IIRC. See last graf.

    But, one post I read, by someone who seems to know the mortgage and title law and business, seems to think the title companies will be bankrupt before the banks. Going to be a big mess. (Again, iirc.)

    To go along with the Big CDO/CDS Mess which led to the current Big Recession (which looks like Depression for some).

    I commented at Corrente about Karl Denninger’s post on how things are supposed to work — what was done illegally — and how it might be handled.

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