3 thoughts on “Where’s the note?

  1. I’ve been pondering that very question. My recent ReFi fits right into the time frame AND the only copy of the note I’ve ever seen was through MERS. I’d be fair and put my payments in escrow until someone comes forward with the note.

  2. Ok, so the housing situation is really fucked up. But, given that your house is no longer the ATM that it used to be for generations of Americans, so fucking what? We’ve at least got a roof—-and that’s saying a lot—–and, if there’s nothing we can do to stop the bullshit that’s going on just keep paying your ‘rent’ as usual. What the fuck have you got to lose at this point in the game? What are you gonna do, sleep out doors?

  3. Is that really such a good idea for people who are unemployed? I haven’t missed a mtg payment and I’d sell before I’d let myself be foreclosed on. That may happen in six months unless I get a job. I’ve been advised not to let my lender know I’m unemployed; this just seems like a good way to draw their attention.

    How pathetic is it that my mortgage holder may not have the legal right to my payments, but I’m afraid to challenge them to find out?

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