Improper foreclosures

Since the upstanding ladies and gentlemen of our fabulous corporate media have already informed us that this is simply not happening, these people claiming to be victimized should be punished!

Among those whose foreclosure is in limbo for the moment are Michael and Carol Rendes, both 49, who bought their 1,350-square-foot home in Berea in January 2006. But the couple says the foreclosure isn’t even justified.

Their loan originally was with subprime lender Argent Mortgage, then LaSalle Bank, then Wilkshire Financial. The loan was sold to Bank of America in September 2009, although the couple said they weren’t initially notified. They made their September and October payments to Wilkshire.
“I had no clue. I just made my payment,” Michael Rendes said. “I knew I had a mortgage.” Wilkshire then told him the loan had been sold. He called Bank of America many times, but bank employees couldn’t find the couple in the system. They tried using names, Social Security numbers, the parcel number, dates of birth, everything.

Their two payments were cashed but apparently not forwarded to Bank of America, or at least not posted to the couple’s account. In November, they received a letter that they were in default.

The couple had the money to get caught up, but they said Bank of America wouldn’t take it.

“It’s a nightmare,” Rendes said. “I’m paying lawyers. I’m going to the Justice Center all of the time. I’m almost to the point where I want to take that house apart and tell them to shove it.”

Corporations simply don’t do such things! Therefore, we know these shameless people are just making this stuff up.