Call the wahmbulance

Shorter Pat Meehan: Bryan Lentz is using our own tactics against us! In fact, Pat’s campaign manager Charlie Sexton was once fingered for illegally convincing a Republican to run as a Democrat to split a vote — the feds even had him offering the payoff on wiretap. But of course, it was a Republican administration and the case was dropped.

The only thing you need to know about Pat Meehan the “reformer” is that he comes from one of the dirtiest political counties in the state — yet never thought to indict a soul from there while he was U.S. Attorney. Oh, and he was also one of the U.S. attorneys about whom Karl Rove never, ever complained.

3 thoughts on “Call the wahmbulance

  1. What Sexton did was illegal (i.e. instigated the scheme). Lentz quite rightly points out that the candidate in question had already decided to run, which means what he did was legal. BTW, the same state GOP that’s backing Meehan knocked some Tea Party candidates off the ballot by falsely promising to circulate petitions for them.

    It’s politics. It ain’t beanbag.

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