4 thoughts on “Ginni Thomas

  1. Get the silly little PR problem out of the way?…more like, get this silly little PR opportunity underway! If it’s true that Clarence is thinking about running, well, why not take Anita out for another spin? It worked well enough last time; as I remember, the only people who really stuck up for her were dried up old feminists.

  2. I’d laugh if not for the total lunacy and plutocratic geld-giving that’s infected and warped our democratic processes, examples abounding: Christine’s “I’m not a witch,” Bachman’s desire to wean people from social security, Angle, that dumbass in Alaska having his goons handcuff an editor, and on and on. These people are being funded by folks who are gaming the government and electoral system into a clogged sewer of nonsense so that they can cover their massive theft.
    It’s a slight of hand trick writ large … watch the silly colorful puppets while the hoods pick your pockets.

  3. she and some of her friends are pushing Clarence Thomas to run for president

    But wouldn’t he have to … what’s it called? “Say something”? At least now and then?

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