Trick or treat

This year, I wore a fabulous Glinda the Good Witch crown. I can’t believe how fast the treats went. Kids started coming at 5 o’clock, and the candy was all gone by 6:30 p.m. Just as well, it was cold outside.

I think I mentioned before that kids are bused into my neighborhood from nearby unsafe areas. I don’t know what accounts for the increase, but it seemed like twice as many kids.

Anyway, a good time had by all!

One thought on “Trick or treat

  1. Since my parents have difficulty moving about, I bought and handed out the Halloween candy at their place. It went reasonably well, but I overbought on the amount and still have to get rid the extra-next year, I will cut the amount in half. Odd reversal of which kids came to the door, Usually, toddlers and young children in costumes, then the middle school kids in street clothes will show up, this year the middle school and teenagers arrived first, then the parents with the younger children were later between 7:00-7:30-two items about last night-the two young ladies (both princesses) after helping themselves to candy, urged to have one extra, one stated her preference for Reeses peanut butter cups, the other stated her dislike of same (I had an assortment) They were so articulate and ernest over candy choices. The nadir was the pair of teenagers, one never stop using his cell phone as with a lack of interest he dangled a bag for candy in front of me. I dropped a piece into his bag, they walked away with barely a thank you. Seesh.

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