6 thoughts on “70 seats?

  1. Call it wishful thinking on my part, but I’m with you on this one, Suze. Hard to imagine—-even among the low information folks in this country—-that Dems would be thrown out so quickly given the nightmare of the Bush years. Granted, the Dems have been weak-kneed on most of the major issues———–maybe a scare will wake em up(crossing fingers and toes)!!

  2. At this point, routing for either of the corporatist parties isn’t going to help. Vote for whomever you wish – it ain’t gettin’ any better any time soon unless the whole system gets back to the Constitution, the Rule of Law gets reinstated and the financial fraud stops. This isn’t likely to happen any time soon due to the fact that the whole political system is corrupted with corporate money (from local politics to the White House), the duopoly is firmly in place, the American sheeple will tolerate just about anything from what was once their government, and the whole system is set up to keep it the way it is.

  3. I’m not sure I’m buying the huge republican rout theory either. I know the plural of anecdote it NOT data…but I have my personal experience to go on. I stood in a very long line to vote early this weekend. Seems like turnout here (NC) is going to be big…and high turnout almost always favors the democrats.

  4. I’ve been screaming to the rooftops for weeks now that this all a media narrative, establishing the expectation and inevitability of a big win. Either that or a high degree of confidence in their ability to steal another election.

    It’s all counting chickens before they hatch.

  5. This will be the chance for the Frightened Old White People to vote against the party of that colored man in the white house. Thing is, they live in places with fewer people (middle-America states) among less-educated populations but their numbers are large (boomers) proportionally. But I think Obama’s recent weekend campaign swing was effective and his rhetoric was persuasive; if he was only partially successful in re-energizing the base, it could stem the tide of fear.
    The Goopers just want to think happy thoughts and exploit people who are already down. “NO COMPROMISE” is a helluva message, puzzlewits.
    I’ll be voting against the cretins and for democrat Tom Perriello tomorrow because he’s just a better man, regardless of party affiliation. I hope my voting plan is a trend…

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