Alan Grayson

Boy, he’s really not a cooperative politician — and I mean that as the highest compliment! He just does the right thing.

I was talking to a woman the other night who told me she was planning to get her real estate license and start buying up foreclosure properties. I told her it was a bad idea, because no one really knew how to verify if the properties had a clear chain of title. She emailed me a day later, explaining that since her husband never heard of such a thing, it couldn’t possibly be true! Oy.

I replied, “Google mortgage foreclosure fraud. There’s a story on the front page of the Wall St. Journal, I guess your husband missed it.”

One thought on “Alan Grayson

  1. How can anybody be so morally tone deaf as to think they can make something good out of exploiting other people’s tragedy and misery?

    I would not even want to live in a foreclosed house. I would be afraid that was haunted and filled with fear and despair.

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