Ignorance is bliss

Dave Winer from Scripting News on why he loves reading Paul Krugman (thanks, Karl!):

Krugman is a Natural Born Blogger in every sense of the term.

You can tell that just from reading his blog. It’s especially important because he’s blogging at nytimes.com. In that sense what he’s doing is very subversive because he’s an expert writing without interpretation by a middleman, a reporter. There’s no one between him, the expert, and me, a person who wants access to his expertise.

He’s a Source that Goes Direct.

I especially go for his angry pieces (like this one). What makes Krugman angry is the same thing that gets me going — ignorance.

Ignorance is the practice of ignoring. To be ignorant is not the same thing as being stupid. Albert Einstein was surely ignorant of some things.

We all do it. The world is too big and complex to pay attention to everything, no matter how smart you are.

Ignorance becomes negative, however, when you ignore things that are important. Ignore the pedestrians in the crosswalk as you drive through it — that’s seriously ignorant, for you and for the pedestrians. Ignore that a weak dollar must be balanced by a strong currency somewhere is ignorance. It’s just math. There’s no way around it.