The white guy wink

I was on my way into the polling place (I was No. 61, by the way)
when a Republican poll worker leaned in, gave me the White Guy Wink as he leaned in to hand me a sample ballot and said, “We need a change.”

And you know, I lost it. It was the final straw, just one too many conspiratorial winks from white men in my lifetime, accompanied by knowing nods that say, “You’re one of us and you know it’s us against Them.”

“Them,” of course being what they used to call “The Colored.”

Anyway, I turned on the guy and began yelling. “Yeah, you’re right, we do need a change. We need fewer people from Wall Street stealing from working people, and we need a lot fewer Republicans giving everything away to billionaires,” I said.

“Whoa!” the guy said, laughing.

I guess Jon Stewart wouldn’t approve of my lack of civility.

How was your voting experience?

7 thoughts on “The white guy wink

  1. At 9:10 am, I was number 197 – pretty busy. Thank god, I avoided the two candidate workers because they stood near the newer parking lot at the church (which I don’t use, and most people don’t, either). No problems this time.

  2. Isn’t it illegal for him to tell you how to vote inside the polling place? “We need a change” can be seen as telling you not to vote for incumbents. I’m glad you lambasted him with some of the facts, but this guy needs to get smacked with a voter fraud charge.

  3. Nothing exciting happened along those lines. I went to vote at about 8:15 this morning. I was #40 for my election district. My only problem was the size of the printing on the scanable ballot. Next time I will try to bring a magnifying glass with me instead of using the plastic thingy they have at the polling place.

    Good for you, calling out the idiot.

  4. I went at about 7:30 this morning and for some reason when the poll worker asked my name I gave my maiden name at first and showed my ID. Of course my ID has my married name. I’ve been happily married for almost 25 years. I really don’t know why I did that. Other than that nothing of note happened. Another poll worker said that there was a line when they first opened at 7. While I was there it seemed that there was a steady stream of people through the door.

    You really are my hero, Susie! Thank you for setting the idiot straight.

  5. i was number 290 at around 3:30 and had to wait for 3 people ahead of me. no issues. i asked the lady with the book how turnout was and she made a face, not so good. but the two people outside, 1r and 1 d – very civil both of them, thought the turnout was pretty good for a midterm.

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