Why I don’t expect a blowout

Maybe I’m really off, but the most reliable political indicator for me has always been what I hear people say in public. (I’m an incorrigible eavesdropper.) And in the past, whenever there’s been a big turnover, I’ve heard people – civilians, if you will — talking about the election for weeks and even months before. This time? One conversation in the diner a few weeks ago, where someone was grumbling about how bad it would be if the Republicans won, “because they’re even worse.”

So far, the vibes I’m getting is that this election is a lot closer to 2006 than 1994, when the conventional wisdom was that the Republicans would keep control. Instead, we took control of the House and the Senate and the pundits from both parties were completely wrong.

But it’s a different time now, and who knows? We’ll have a better idea tomorrow night.

UPDATE: I had another thought. A couple of times, we’ve had big Republic victories where I didn’t have a clue — because Republicans are so often spite voters, they don’t want people to know. So they just keep their mouths shut and vote. So we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t expect a blowout

  1. I kinda agree with you on this although I don’t think that there’s any logical reason why, but, then again, why should logic even enter into the equation given the times we live in now!

  2. Really it’s going to come down to turn out and I voted right around 8 and was already voter 120 in my little polling place and for the most part it’s a deep red area. So it looks like the wave is coming but no way to tell if it will be an all day thing.

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