Half right

Okay, so I was half right. The House was a blowout, but we kept the Senate.

It’ll take some time to sift through the rubble and figure out what it all meant, but in the meantime, I’m actually looking forward to this circus. The Republicans now have one hell of a Gordian knot to untangle, and if the Dems have one ounce of sense, they’ll let them hang.

I wrote back in 2006 that when a minority becomes a majority, that’s when the cracks in the foundation break open. The GOP faces a classic dilemma: They have to deal with an insurgency, including loose cannons like Rand Paul. They will never be able to govern with these nutjobs, and they have to know that.

So it’s going to be fun. Democrats only act like Democrats when they have to, and this is one of those times.

And as for me, it’s a lot more fun to attack Republicans than Democrats. So let’s get to it!

3 thoughts on “Half right

  1. I wish I shared your optimism that either the Democrats are smart enough to let the Republicans hang themselves or that they’ll actually act like Democrats. Ralph Nader is right, all of the politicians are looking for corporate sponsors, and there’s no longer as bright a line between the Democrats and the Republicans. And since less than 50% of the registered voters (and even fewer of the eligible voters) even bothered to participate in this election, misplaced anger and apathy rule the day, making corporatists the only winners.

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