5 thoughts on “Savings

  1. Hmmm….
    $271 million now or $2.7 billion plus overruns in the future?
    Do the math.
    Oh, that’s right, you can’t.

  2. Billions, millions, is there really a difference?
    Does the reality of sunk costs even matter anymore?
    I’m certain he can find a million other ways to spread the saved money around to his crooked cronies and patrons — can’t have it all tied up in one spot. The graft pie has to feed lots more mouths than the tunnel project would have provided for.

  3. Fuckin’ please. How many billions in citizen savings would have been garnered from this project. Not to mention increased worker productivity (gee, you’d think that’d give every libertardian-Rethug douchebag a woody just saying it) for time not wasted in an outdated transportation system. Typical something-for-nothing conservative economics: save you money now so that it will cost everybody else 10 times more later.

  4. Citizen savings?
    Spend to save, I guess, like a two-for-one sale on anchovies.
    Buy something you don’t need because it’s cheaper now.
    Clever American frogs being boiled in their own cleverness.
    The money has been vacuumed out of the economy — there isn’t any.
    The banks have to deleverage completely before the so-called economy moves another inch and it’s mind-numbingly stupid to incur that much debt at this moment in time, when the banks are hoovering up all the cash, everywhere, all the time, with no end in sight and Bernanke enabling the process.
    Even for New Jersey, it would be mind-numbingly stupid.
    As stupid as for an ordinary citizen to obtain and max out a bunch of credit cards right about now (not that that’s even possible any more).
    Or as stupid as fighting endless wars on the other side of the globe.
    Er, derp, whatever.
    Enjoy your mystery missiles in the evening sky, derp.

  5. NJ has the money, plus $979 million let over for gambling junkets.
    Read the article:
    “NJ Transit officials said Tuesday the agency would release a statement later. Officials weren’t saying where the state will get the money to pay the bill. However, $1.25 billion of the $2.7 billion the state had committed to the project from toll increases could soon become available.”

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