4 thoughts on “Poor Fox News

  1. Fuck Fox. Serving Dems should be trying to revoke Murdoch’s rethug granted citizenship and starting investigations for violation of the Hatch Act against US government facilities that show the damn network (Often nothing but).

  2. Not that
    1) I’m a Democrat (I’m not – in Oregon we can register non-affiliated, which is not “Independent” – I am actually a Wobblie but they won’t let me register as such) and
    2) Fucks Noise would ever ask me BUT… I have over the course of an ale or two suggested to Fucks Noise viewers that were I ever to come face to face with Beck or O’Really? I would reach down their throats and, if I could find them, rip their balls out (and if they, the Fucks Noise viewers had a problem with that I’d rip their balls out too).

    Breaks m’ heart, it does.

    Oh… and it has been my experience that bears won’t attack the less than human unless provoked. Of course, Human Beings are smart enough not to provoke the bears.

    Ten Bears

  3. Then tell everyone’s favorite opportunist, Arianna Huffington, to stop legitimizing Fox by including it in her “Sunday Roundup” nonsense.

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