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* Philadelphia has the highest povery rate of any major city, with one out of four people living in poverty. One-third of that population is under 18.

* In September, about 70,700 Philadelphians were unemployed and looking for work. In December 2007, when most economists say the recession began, 39,500 people were unemployed.

* More than 900,000 residents of the Delaware Valley are at risk for chronic hunger and malnutrition.

* In fiscal year 2009, Philabundance distributed 17 million pounds of food in the Delaware Valley, reaching about 65,000 people per week. Of those who rely on Philabundance, 23 percent are children and 16 percent are seniors.

* In 2004-06, the average percentage of the Pennsylvania population that was food insecure – meaning that at certain times they were uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food for the household – was 10 percent. The average rose to 11.8 percent in 2007-09.

Sources: Philadelphia Unemployment Project, Philabundance, USDA Food Insecurity Study 2009.

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