Silver lining

I just read this on the Drinking Liberally newsletter, and it occurred to me: Didn’t they just legalize shooting politicians?

Yesterday the Pennsylvania Senate passed H.B. 1926 and sent it to Gov. Rendell for his consideration. The bill would make it legal for a gun owner to shoot and kill anyone trespassing on their property or trying to break into their car, whether that person was a threat to anyone or not. It also makes it legal to shoot and kill anyone who the shooter believes presents a threat to them on the street, even if the shooter could easily leave the situation and remove himself from danger. The “shoot first, ask questions later” doctrine is the law of several other states. The law also prevents the dead person’s family from bringing a lawsuit for wrongful death. The bill was joined with another that strengthens the state’s Megan’s Law, a move designed to make it more difficult for Gov. Rendell to veto it.

5 thoughts on “Silver lining

  1. #1: this will actually put police in danger, since they no longer have to knock when serving a warrant. As a result:
    #2: it will tie up the courts, when Johnny Crackdealer kills a cop, and then says “i thought someone was breaking into my house, so i exercised my rights.” whether it gets johnny crackdealer off or not is another question, but the risk is there. And then, if Johnny Crackdealer gets off, the cops’ family can’t sue. brilliant: that’s a campaign ad right there.
    #3: on the other hand, given the relentless intrusion of the government into our lives, and given the rapidly growing police state, I kind of like the idea that i can shoot to kill, with legal protections.

  2. It’s unconstitutional even without having to go to the merits of it– the PA Constitution doesn’t allow you to have bills which relate to more than one subject (Article III, section 3). All of the gun law stuff relates to title 18 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (the crime section). The wrongful death suit ban relates to title 42 (the judiciary act). Therefore, any sensible Court can strike it down without having to discuss the actual constitutionality of legalizing murder. Ain’t law wonderful?

  3. The difficult part of this law is getting Republican legislators out on the street. They are definitely a threat to people’s safety.

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