2 thoughts on “Boycott the body scan

  1. Agreed, everyone needs to opt out – AND think it through – be willing to miss planes, stand in line for rebooking, postpone ETE (estimated time of eating). Stay calm. Be firm and resolute.

    We’ve been waiting for a time to mobilize. Civil dis doesn’t get more organic than this.

    I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate not only how this impacts civil rights and due process, but how this ridiculousness impacts the economy as well. Reductio ad absurdem writ large.

    As to the holiday itself, it would be a great display of Thanks to all who, throughout history, have made ultimate sacrifices for our freedoms. In that context, standing in line, rebooking, delaying ETA seems a mere pittance, albeit collectively powerful, for the purpose of holding the line.

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