10 thoughts on “I did not tag you in a photo

  1. I clicked on it, Susie but immediately closed the window. I’m running an anti-virus now. I never click on that stuff — I don’t know what I was thinking!!

  2. I wondered. It sounded spammy to me, so I emailed you to see if it was real. I deleted it without opening it.

  3. I think I am getting 12 dozen pairs of purple crocs. I don’t know why. Are your responsible?

  4. From what I can tell it only spams your email contact list once you sign up.
    I assume you signed up Susie?
    I was suspicious of it (did open the link, didn’t sign up) since it didn’t sound like something coming from you – you’d find yourself out of a following real quick if it did!!
    Nothing was found on my PC…. (3 different malware scan)

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