Chris Hedges, 2008:

Obama is an articulate, intelligent and attractive politician, but he is also a corporate figurehead. A vote for Obama is a vote for the corporate state. Under an Obama administration, the corporations would continue their ruthless drive to disempower the citizens, to protect an entrenched American oligarchy and to subvert what is left of our faltering democracy.

3 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Hedges was right about what we’re getting, but it’s nonetheless interesting that the corporations seem determined to make Obama’s a one-term presidency.

  2. Yeah, he was a racist for saying it, too. All of us who questioned Obama’s intentions and abilities were racists.

    And most of us are still ignored. It’s really interesting that those who screamed the most about the predictors of disaster in Iraq and in the financial markets still aren’t heard in the mainstream media are the very ones who ignore those of us who were right about Obama.

    Carolyn Kay

  3. The money people just want him to understand the price of defying them. Once that is clear and vivid in his mind (as it already is) they will see that he is re-elected, as they did with Clinton.

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