5 thoughts on “Terror

  1. That’s your FBI, hard at work tricking morons into criminal acts:
    “However, the supposed explosive was a dummy that FBI operatives supplied to him …”
    Boo-boom-CHA! [Rimshot]
    What’s next?
    Convincing dumbasses to smuggle marshmallows onto airplanes in their pants? Word on the street is that marshmallows are invisible to Chertoff’s Rapescam genital scanners.

  2. Col. Idiot beat me to it: For all tree lightings, first of all check out what your law enforcement agencies are tricking angry or emotionally disturbed kids into doing. Or promising those down on their luck for just undertaking a little terrorism schtick.



  3. And the view from Oregon: Let me see if I have this straight…the failed Oregon ‘terror’ attempt was an FBI setup: Undercover agents gave teen live explosives for a ‘test run,’ planned the attack, AND supplied fake car bomb Sounds more like we’re at War with the FBI than any pussy assed “terrorist”.

    Obama is Bush III

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