6 thoughts on “Comcast

  1. Here in Charlottesville, Va., no browsers would work, not safari, not firefox, not explorer, but skype was usable, which is very weird. I had full signal on the cable modem, but browsers couldn’t find web sites.
    … it almost seemed like selective blocking of my ability to browse.
    Any hints?

  2. Yeah, we’re on Comcast here. The cable worked, the teevee was fine, but the browsers wouldn’t find web sites even though skype still worked fine. Something stinks about that, though I don’t know enough to know what.

  3. It wasn’t a test fo selective denial of service* to lefty blogs? To be operational once the Repubs take power? Heh.

    Of course, Obama is perfectly likely to do this all on his own. Like those takedowns of site selling fake trademarked items. And the legislation in Congress to allow taking down any site misusing copyrighted material….

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