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THIS WEEK: AVEDON CAROL, JAY ACKROYD and the occasional call-in friend have a – potentially – more light-hearted holiday discussion about the events of the week, and what to expect from the lame duck Congress. What’s bugging you? Call-ins welcome: (646) 200-3440

AVEDON CAROL writes about American politics,  captured media, captured government, censorship and health care. An anti-censorship and civil liberties campaigner, she is a sex crimes researcher, a former health counsellor and member of Feminists Against Censorship.
The Sideshow

JAY ACKROYD An economist by training and IT professional, Jay hosts Virtually Speaking and contributes to Duncan Black’s Eschaton blog. He can be be found on gchat, AIM, Facebook and Twitter as jayackroyd. Jay is a principal at Inside the Culture, a market research firm that uses social media and webcam applications to disseminate authentic, real-time trend data and conduct virtual focus groups.