The chiropractor is trying to break up what he calls an “entrapped cage” of nerves under my left arm. I have exercises I do every day to try to lengthen the muscles causing it, and whenever I go to see him, he cracks all the bones in my arms.

“Holy shit, that hurts!” I yelled through clenched teeth today when he did it. But I can’t argue, it really helps.

It all goes back to the way I sit while typing. Because I can only read with my left eye, it throws everything else off whenever I sit in front of the computer. (But hey, it’s only 13 or so hours a day!) It’s the main reason I write such short posts these days.

About the only ergonomic tool I don’t have is a good chair, and you can bet that as soon as I get my hands on a large enough chunk of money, I’m getting one. I spend so much time recovering from typing, it’s got to be a good investment.

4 thoughts on “Nerves

  1. There’s a million so-called ergonomic chairs. Any idea what you’re looking for. Co-workers who’ve gotten them say the right chair works wonders. But of course, the best remedy might be to get up from the chair more frequently. In the same vein, you ever tried voice recognition software to ease up on the hand action, so to speak.

  2. I’m hoping to get a used HAG saddle chair. One of my friends has one and it’s perfect.

    I do have voice recognition software, I just haven’t installed it yet because I’m not sure how long this PC is going to last.

  3. Susie, calls to used equipment dealers right now would be a good investment. There has been a ton of ergonomically designed chairs dropped on the market since the dot come bust. Then another flood when the depression started.

    It is a real buyer’s market. Any sale can mean the difference between paying the electricity or not, so deals should be easy to make.

    There are going to be a huge number of bankruptcy sales by used equipment dealers. If you know someone that follows that sort of thing, you will be stunned at what you can get a good chair for.

    Might ask about used laptops, too.

  4. I looked online tonight, I couldn’t find one anywhere. They’re really expensive, but worth almost as much used. I’ve never seen a used one for sale.

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