Virtually Speaking tonight

Talking Wikileaks tonight!

THURS, Dec 2, 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific

Olivier  covers Congress and Politics for Agence France-Presse, the world’s oldest and third-largest news agency. An AFP White House correspondent from December 2000 to January 2009, he operated out of the veal pen-sized workspace where they kept him so he didn’t develop any unsightly muscle mass. Prior to chronicling President George W. Bush’s tenure, Olivier covered then-vice president Al Gore’s White House campaign. From 1998-2000, he covered the US Congress, including then-president Bill Clinton’s impeachment and subsequent Senate trial.

Before that, he was an editor/reporter on AFP’s English Desk in Washington, a job he took after graduate school. Olivier is the son of a French mother and an American father whose French astounds native Francophones. He grew up in Middlebury, Vermont and Paris, France.

JAY ACKROYD An economist by training and IT professional, Jay contributes to Duncan Black’s Eschaton blog. As host of Virtually Speaking, Jay  talks with scholars, authors, pundits and public officials: a balanced sampling of established and emerging voices represents progressive thought in the contemporary, public, political conversation.

Jay is a principal at Inside the Culture, a market research firm that uses social media and webcam applications to disseminate authentic, real-time trend data and conduct virtual focus groups. He can be be found on gchat, AIM, Facebook and Twitter as jayackroyd.

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  1. You were wonderful to stand in for Olivier last night. The more I hear from you, the more I appreciate your clarity and depth.

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