One thought on “Heh

  1. When Obama was having his OFA young people holding the early health insurance reform meetings, they kept getting responses from attendees that at least 60%, often over 90%, wanted some type of Medicare , single payer. At the very least, almost all wanted Medicare Buy-In.

    At the one I attended, there were two people who supported Obama’s plan no matter what; the rest wanted real health CARE. Well, except for the two (count’em TWO) insurance company reps who showed up!

    As I was leaving I asked if our group was representative of those who wanted single payer type coverage, and I was told the above percentages and that most groups were on the high side.

    We were told that Obama needed us to support something undefined called a public option — so that he would have leverage to bargain with.

    At that point in time, he had already told the Big Health Insurance Players than there would be no public option.

    It’s not nice, Mr. President, to lie so obviously. If you’re going to lie like that, make sure the truth does not get reported. But, as Krugman noted today, it looks like they don’t give a rip whether we’re disappointed or majorly pissed off. We simply do not count for him.

    How could that be?

    All together now: He’s a conservative.

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