Moving the goalposts

Ezra Klein on the Catfood Commission:

Meanwhile, the fiscal commission is set to vote today. Expectations are that 10 of 18 members — including Sens. Dick Durbin, Kent Conrad, Mike Crapo, and Tom Coburn — will support the measure. That’s well below the 14-person supermajority needed to furnish a recommendation, but it’s the next best thing — a solid majority backed by some powerful legislators. It’s hard to be confident about the prospects of a difficult package designed to address a long-term problem when you watch the difficulty Congress is having addressing the urgent expiration of a popular raft of tax cuts, but this will at least give the fiscal commission an argument to push forward: A 10-person majority that includes both Durbin and Coburn is sufficient for the package’s supporters to credibly argue the commission’s report deserves consideration by Congress and may indeed be the starting point for a compromise.

WTF, Ezra? The report itself was supposed to be the compromise. Their alleged purpose was to come up with a series of proposals that would be accepted as a whole. They didn’t do that, and they’re not getting the votes they need to move this to Congress.

Now you and the rest of the Villagers are saying, “Close enough, here’s a cigar”? Fuck that.

3 thoughts on “Moving the goalposts

  1. Ezra has to keep his job. Don’t depend on him for reality-based analysis.

    Well, his reality base is probably now limited to the Versailles courtiers, so maybe in his world this is the reality….

  2. On NPR evening news, the Cat Food Commission Austerians are now claiming they have a Super Majority (10 out of 18), so no one can resist their drive to cut deficits and shave SocSec and Medicare.

    It’s what’s for agenda, babeeee!

    Unsurprisingly, John Spratt of NC (defeated after 28 years), House deficit hawk, voted in favor of the Austerians’ Cat Food plan. I expected that.

    Durbin? Someone described him as the Tweety (Chris Mathews) of the Dems in the Senate: For every smart, reality based thing he comes out with, there are dozens of worthless remarks and actions. His vote in favor of the Obama/Peterson Cat Food Commission recommendations was one of the worthless ones.

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