Julian Assange, on a Swedish warrant in London:

Assange turned himself in at a London police station at 9:30 a.m. local time and was immediately taken into custody, police officials said. Later Tuesday, his lawyers planned to request that he be freed on bail pending the result of the extradition proceedings, which could take weeks. Assange intends to fight extradition to Sweden, where he is being sought for questioning related to allegations of sexual assault against two women.

Assange and his supporters have denied the accusations, calling them part of an elaborate plot to silence WikiLeaks. Since publication of the latest round of documents began last week, the pressure has mounted on Assange, who was being sought internationally on an Interpol warrant, and on WikiLeaks itself, which is in a global battle to keep its financial and distribution system intact.

Counterpunch has noted that one of his accusers is affiliated with a CIA-tied anti-Castro group. Probably just a coincidence!

7 thoughts on “Arrested

  1. I hope that ass was worth it, because it might be the last he ever gets.
    A man, taken down in the usual way, by the usual thinking with the wrong head. Is there nothing pussy cannot do?

  2. Ah yes, behold the strength of the assault victim!

    The charge is that he continued sex after consent was withdrawn. Even in California, that constitutes assault.

  3. An “assault victim” after that “victim” tweeted positive things about him the next day, threw a party for him the next night, and then, after she discovered that he’d also slept with another woman, went with that other woman to the police station to see what she could do about it. Sounds more like a woman scorned.
    Classic honeypot trap operation. His “victim” has links to anti-Castro CIA funded groups and is a gender equity officer at a university:
    So his “victim” makes her living playing in the field of sexual politics and is no stranger to global geopolitiks — details like that matter and her behavior and past associations matter.
    Assange got played in the typical Shakespearean way; a victim of his own weaknesses and character flaws. I fully expect him to commit “suicide” in jail. The script has been written. he could very easily end up in a federal prison here in the states after the release of the sensitive locations list.

  4. I work for a federal agency and today I got an email warning of action against me for accessing Wikileaks or any ‘associated site,’ even if I do so on my personal computer on my personal time.

  5. ooh, she makes her living playing in the field of sexual politics.
    And she works for gender equity.

    By god, progressivism will sure bring about a better world once it sheds itself of feminism and all that wicked gender equity.

    Counterpunch, by the way, is only repeating allegations made by Assange’s lawyer.

    In the rush to defend Assange, many many liberals are trivializing the crime of rape — calling it sex without a rubber, for instance, instead of the real charge, sex without consent. And in the process using a lot of sexist and misogynist language. I’m calling this out EVERYWHERE I see it.

    How do you build a progressive politics that leaves out 51% of the population?

    How do you build a progressive politics on a platform of sexism and misogyny?

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