After the depleted uranium, what’s a little Corexit?

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who doubles as President Barack Obama’s point man on Gulf Coast oil spill recovery, is pressing America’s armed services to consume as much Gulf seafood as possible.

Navy Capt. Beci Brenton said Monday that Mabus has talked with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the secretaries of the Air Force and Army, and his staff has talked to the Defense Commissary Agency, which operates a worldwide chain of stores for military personnel, making the point “that we should be buying Gulf Coast seafood.”

In a meeting Monday with Ewell Smith, executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, Mabus reaffirmed his commitment to using the tools at his disposal to help the Gulf seafood industry recover from the damage the BP oil spill has done in reality and perception. The board is gearing up for a large-scale national marketing campaign, with $30 million in BP money and millions more in federal dollars, to reassure restaurants and markets across the country that Gulf seafood is safe.

“He expressed what we wanted to hear: He is in favor of the federal government buying seafood from the Gulf,” said Smith, who said he would like to see Gulf seafood as the choice throughout the public domain, “whether it’s the military or prison systems or school systems.”

I think I feel sick.

6 thoughts on “Poisoned

  1. When I was in NOLA over Halloween the shrimp and oysters tasted fine, nobody down there reported any issues. But you couldn’t find many oysters, they were killed when the marshes were flooded by the opening of the flood control stuff on the river in an attempt to flush the oil out.

    They were reporting really good fishing since there were so many more shrimp than usual–the lack of demand meant no market, so no shrimping, so lots more shrimp around for the fish to eat.

    I wouldn’t want to eat that stuff on a daily basis unless I had more info though…

    The military marketing program reminds me of how good I ate when I was in the USAF. In basic training and tech school I ate more roast beef and shrimp than I ever have in my life. You’d be surprised how many congresspeople make sure the troops only get the best beef, seafood, etc. I guess they are “patriotic,” and looking out for their farmers and fishermen…

  2. The problem is that once the government starts lying about life and death (or serious illness matters) it’s hard to trust them on how the Gulf seafood is in actuality.

    They lied about the dangers at Ground Zero (and knew it). What else?

    They’ve lied about tons of things (that no one in the US government could tell whether the Honduran coup was a coup, when on the ground State employees wrote that it was a definite, full-blown coup), so why not about Gulf seafood? To help the economy…or something…and who can afford to test things?

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