Merry Cliffmas, Phillies phans

In case you slept through it, Cliff Lee is a Phillie once again — and with four aces (two righties, two lefties), we now own the best starting rotation in baseball. Thank you, Ruben Amaro Jr.! (Or should I say “Santa”? And might I point out that re-signing Lee is a classic Merc retro kinda thing?)

7 thoughts on “Merry Cliffmas, Phillies phans

  1. Best pitching staff in baseball is the Giants. Sorry. Who was it that beat Halladay, AND Lee AND Hamels AND Oswalt in the playoffs? With no Ryan Howard or Jason Werth or Chase Utley etc. And for 10% the price. FOUR starters younger than Hamels ALL of whom are as good as Halladay. See you next year.

  2. Yeah, right. Lack of hitting. Caused by superior pitching, ’cause Ibanez and Werth and Utley and Victorino and Rollins all have track records of barely being able to hit their way out of paper bags. AND Werth is gone.

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