Obama’s coming for Social Security

If you still harbored the tiniest of doubts. From AmericaBlog:

Here’s President Obama talking with Steve Inskeep of NPR. The interview was posted Friday, December 10, 2010.

About Social Security, Obama said:

INSKEEP: Won’t Republicans argue — and, in fact, won’t reality argue that any cuts will have to be even deeper because this package that you’re pushing for now will mean there’s even less government revenue?

OBAMA: Actually, I think that if you talk to economists, both conservative and liberal, what they’ll say is the problem is not next year. The problem is, how are we dealing with our medium-term debt and deficit, and how are we dealing with our long-term debt and deficit? And most of that has to do with entitlements, particularly Social Security and Medicaid.

He’s coming for it. Obama (and Bowles) want to do what Clinton (and Bowles) wanted to do before Monica stopped him. (Don’t believe that click? Try this click. Or this one.)

As soon as the tax cuts blow a hole in the budget, they’re going tocome for your money. The Social Security Wealth Transfer — “Fromyour pocket to mine, sucker.”)

One thought on “Obama’s coming for Social Security

  1. ……..and, of course, Obama will try to blame the whole thing on the Thugs in 2012. And as I’ve always said, Obama’s a wimpy little dickhead who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, and in ’12 it won’t be a case of either/or, it’ll be a case of “what fucking election?”………………I suspect he won’t be able to fool those who voted for him on ’08.

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